Hockey: Ottawa 4 Arenas 3

Overtime Victory For The Senators

Another Sparkling Article of Hockey When Arenas Are Nosed Out.

The smallest crowd of the season turned out for the pro. fixture last night, and the usual happened. The Arenas and the leading Ottawa Senators staged a sterling exhibition of hockey, with Ottawa getting the verdict, 4 to 3; after two and a half minutes overtime.

The Arenas turned in a pretty game, and, with a little better break, no overtime would have been necessary, and the Torontos would have finished on top. Reg Noble was inside half a dozen times in the last period, but Benedict just managed to get the shot each time.

Every period was good, and the Arenas used a pretty passing game that carried them to close quarters all thru [sic] the battle; It was a clean exhibition, and it was not until the final round that an offender graced the sorrow bench. Benedict, the Ottawa goalie, drew the first punishment for deliberately tripping Dennenay [sic] as he was going round the net. No goals were scored while he rested.

It was a close-checking game, but both teams shook off the checkers often enough to make it interesting. Ottawa rushed up their men two and three at a time, but their passing inside was not nearly as good as the Toronto team's.

Noble Was Good.

Noble was at his best and was the outstanding player. He worked a long, sweeping check, that broke up many rushes, in addition to carrying in the puck and wiggling close up each time. Crawford went well in spots, and Adams was a very busy boy at all times. Skinner had a lot of speed. Randall was brilliant in the early stages, and Mummery came thru [sic] with a nice article. The overtime goal that beat Lindsay was from well out, but beat him handily.

Nighbor, Cleghorn, and Gerard were best for Ottawa. Dennenay [sic] was closely watched, but Broadbent showed an improved performance and was a horse for work. Harry Cameron was injured in the last fixture and did not make the trip.

The Arenas had more chances than their opponents in the opening period, but each club got a goal. It was pretty hockey, with both teams showing combination. Skinner carried it down the side and shot. Noble was in like a flash and baited in the rebound.

Broadbent got the Ottawa goal from a scramble at the Toronto net, with three Senators trying to shove it in.

The second round was fast and clever, but no goals resulted. The Arenas went in, but Benedict was his usual self and handled everything in nice fashion. Noble put in some good licks here. Corbett Dennenay [sic] got into the fray, but had no luck with his efforts.

The Arenas went to the front in the third round and looked like winners when they scored the first two goals. Dennenay [sic] got one on a pass out from behind the net, and Randall tore off a pretty lone rush for a tally.

Tied the Score.

Right from the face-off Nighbor beat Lindsay with a shot from outside the defence. Nighbor carried it down and passed to Cleghorn, who evened the score. Full time arrived with the score tied.

The Arenas were the first to press in the overtime. Randall and Noble had shots, and Skinner gave Benedict a hard one to stop. Nighbor carried down the boards, dropped the puck back to Broadbent, and he beat Lindsay with a shot from well out. This made the final 4 to 3.

The Teams.

Arenas (3) -Ottawas (4) -
CrawfordLeftCy Dennenay [sic]

Officials - Lou Marsh and Steve Vair.

Substitutes: Arenas - Cor. Dennenay [sic] and Adams, Ottawa - Ronan and Boucher.

The Summary.

- First Period -
- Second Period -
No Score.
- Third Period -
- Overtime. -

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