AMBER: Journeys Beyond

1996 Hue Forest Entertainment
Designed by Frank Wimmer, Susan Wimmer
There are several irrelevant logic-puzzles:
*) setting the clock time (Maggie)
*) assembling the message (Maggie)
*) roller-coaster maze (Edwin)
*) setting the garden mirrors (Brice)
*) opening the wooden heart (Brice)
*) stopping the spinning stars (computer)
*) matching the pattern (computer)

The hardest part was finding where the coil fit into the AMBER: you know it
fits on somehow, but it's hard to discern the slot because of the colours of
the image and the size difference between the slot as seen and the coil as
seen. As for actual challenges:
*) setting the clock: the relationship between opening the doors and the time
*) the closet door lock at the gazebo: making the connection with the windows