Aztec: The Curse in the Heart of the City of Gold

1999 Cryo / France Telecom Multimedia
Designed by Luc Lefebvre
*) skulls puzzle -- has no real-world mechanism

*) jumping onto the canal boat -- one-click, repeatable synchronisation
*) killing the birds -- one-click, no hurry
*) escaping Black Flower (drinking poison) -- running to the pool: lots of time
   once you know what to do, and the autorestore handles things nicely until
   you figure it out

*) drinking the poison -- not a gameplay problem, but storywise: that poison
   was to be diluted a zillion-fold in the water supply, yet you drink it
   stright and live -- you don't even quickly puke it up!

*) the skulls puzzle -- not really difficult, but probably the only place in
   the game that you actually have to think