Beyond Time

1997 Jones & Jones Multimedia
Designed by Judith K. Jones, Jose E. Melendez, Frederic H. Jones
Irrelevant challenges:
*) snake puzzle
*) mandala puzzle
*) ball court puzzle -- a kind of maze

*) organ puzzle -- a tone matcher, optional so it doesn't really count

*) snake puzzle -- 2 solutions, game only accepts one
*) scale puzzle (jugs) -- the note says 8:5:3, but the game doesn't work
   correctly if those are the ratios (try L-S S-M L-S S-M M-L); 9:6:3 is
   closer to being correct -- however, the solution given by a clue does work
*) mandala puzzle -- many solutions, game doesn't accept all

*) mandala puzzle -- it just big, not clever

*) there's a big, boring, underwater maze