The Black Mirror

2003 Unknown Identity
Designed by Michal Pekárek, Pavel Pekárek, Zdenek Houb
Relevance / mimesis:
*) planets puzzle
	Magic mechanism. Also, requiring you to place the planets in their
	*proper* order is a poor lock mechanism, since that's the most likely way
	anybody would try to place them.

*) cross peg sliding puzzle
	Magic mechanism.

*) offerings in Welsh tomb
	Magic mechanism. Detecting substances, lights.

*) zodiac slider
	A slider. Magic mechanism.

*) secret chambre below the church
	Who lit the fire? Or is it a magic fire that has been burning for hundreds
	of years?

*) jewel box knights puzzle
	Magic mechanism.

*) tomb in Wales, especially Dergham's tomb underneath
	Who lit the candles? The place was locked, and nobody was in it for ages,
	nor expected to be in it. Especially underground, where nobody has been
	for ages.

*) heat up boiler with cool rag
	It's pouring out. Just hold the rag up and it will be soaked.

*) boiler room door code
	Why is this lock here? The outer door is already locked, and the
	maintenance man clearly has the inner code. Who are they trying to keep

*) fish out cog
	The wood has been floating in murky water for years. It would be too
	rotten, too punky to be of any use.

*) sewer mechanisms
	These are big, industrial age mechanisms, but the sewers are, apparently,
	mediaeval. Everything should have rusted out, to boot.

*) sewer lighting
	Where does it come from? Who lit it?

*) gravedigger in crypt
	He should hear the door closing. Why doesn't he say anything? Bang on
	door, etc.

*) labyrinth
	Who lit the torches? The funny light-globes are magic. On the other hand,
	this area *is* magic.

*) final portal and altar
	This is magic, but it's supposed to be magic.


*) breaking brick (ashburry)
	Synchronous, aural, repeating, nonfatal - generous time.
	Timed to the sound of the machine, a good use of both real-time and
	sound clues.

*) escaping James at the old lighthouse
	Timed sequence, fatal - moderate time.
	There's a warning of potential danger ("I had better be careful").


*) mine gate padlock / wolf
	If you shoot first, you waste all bullets and later get killed by the
	wolf. It's a resurrection fault.

*) proving you're a Gordon
	Showing your wallet results in a bribery attempt. I thought I was
	showing him my ID (driver's license, etc.).

*) offerings in Welsh tomb
	Why is earth a symbol of the harvest? Seems a plant (fruit) would be the
	appropriate thing. Also, it shouldn't be that special soil, since it
	would likely have been mixed with fresh / neighbouring soil long ago.

*) zodiac slider
	Requires extra-game knowledge. In this case, the symbols and orders of
	the zodiac. This is unlikely knowledge, even just recognising the symbols
	for what they are. There should have been an in-game clue that that's
	what they were, even better to have all the info in the game somewhere.

*) getting keys from boiler man
	The plan relies on the boiler man forgetting his keys in the lock, which
	you can't expect, let alone rely upon.

*) side-holes in maze
	Look-and-die, but you *must* look to get the object from one. I didn't
	notice any clue suggesting which you should look into. This is a
	resurrection fault.

*) throwing helmet and sword into abyss
	Why does this activate the closing mechanism? Maybe it just accidentally
	hits a switch. But there should be a deterministic way (from the game-
	world standpoint) to trip the switch. As it is, it's an arbitrary action.