John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles

1998 Legend Entertainment
Designed by Bob Bates

Several timed sequences:
*) escaping the hot-box
*) electroshock chair
*) disease antidote
*) pendulum blade
All are non-arcade, only needing a few click within a minute or two. You can
die, but the game automatically restores you to before the timed sequence.

*) the key code for the lock to the "dungeon" -- a good challenge requiring you
   to integrate several lines of reasoning
*) destroying Malcolm -- just to get the idea that you should destroy the
   nutcracker; after that, it's simple

The "knows cold" riddle could have been a great challenge, but it was ruined by
clubbing the player over the head with the answer. There are several other such
instances where the game gets too loud and specific with its clues.