Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror

1997 Revolution Software
Designed by Charles Cecil, Dave Cummins, Jonathan Howard, Steve Ince

There are a couple of machine puzzles near the end, but they're part of a
Mayan pyramid and make sense in that context. It's not a big stretch to think
that the old priests might make such puzzles to confound trespassers, and they
are physically believable.

*) Nico at the ship, dodging the guard -- This doesn't require quick clicking,
   but it does require excessively accurate timing. There's a delayed reaction
   between your clicks and Nico finally moving and getting to where you direct

*) getting the priest's attention -- The little bit of paper you have shouldn't
   ignite the damp leaves. Why not just use the paper and leaves to block the
   air intake?
*) cat + quill = fly -- Why did I need the cat for this? It was obvious that
   the feather would be a good basis for a fly (lure), but the shredding is
   easily done by human hand.

*) getting ball from cat -- making a superior cat toy
*) getting man out of shed at docks -- smoke him out