Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon

2003 Revolution
Designed by Charles Cecil, Neil Richards, Steve Ince, Tony Warriner, Jonathan Howard
*) fleeing Susarro & Petra (Paris power temple)
	Your success depends upon her gun misfiring, which it doesn't if you don't
	do the blessed action.
*) holding elevator open (Paris)
	Many ways to do this (corpse right there) but only one is blessed.
*) crossing Templar altar (Paris)
	The solution involves running in the guard's line of sight!

You die, but all are easily, quickly repeatable via auto-restore.
*) cliff face
	Move and then jump. Easy.
*) Petra fight (at Vernon's)
	Two sequences, both quick and trivial.
*) fleeing Susarro & Petra (Paris power temple)
	Two sequences, involving running.
*) metal door plate (Congo)
	Have to quickly pop up inventory and use scarf. Brisk, but not too hard.
	You don't die here, just fail and repeat the attempt.
*) escape Petra during quake (Congo)
	Lots of running and jumping. I almost gave up here.
*) Nico defeating Flap (Paris)
*) castle guards (Prague)
	Several sequences involving timing and running/sneaking. Not too difficult
	from the time/control perspective.
*) distract guard in Templar temple (microwave) (Paris)
	Difficult, time-wise and control-wise, but a decent action challenge.
	A bit silly, since the guard should be able to shoot out the lock.
*) crossing Templar altar (Paris)
	Running/sneaking around guard patrols.
*) ruins guards (Egypt)
*) disarm Sussaro (Egypt)
*) escape dynamite blast (Egypt)
*) defeat dragon (Glastonbury)
	Difficult arcade sequence. Some thought and planning are required, so it's
	a decent action challenge.

All mindless, unless otherwise noted.
*) airplane counter balance (Congo)
	This is really just something to make you learn the block moving interface.
*) entering Vernon's flat
*) pressure pad (Congo)
*) cave exit (Congo)
*) shed fire (Glastonbury)
*) outside library (Paris)
*) library storeroom (Paris)
*) spike hall (Congo)
*) temple cavern (Congo)
*) castle yard (Prague)
*) castle yard 2 (Prague)
*) tower storage room (Prague)
*) store-room near Sussaro's office (Prague)
*) escape temple (Egypt)
*) getting to Tor (Glastonbury)
	The only non-trivial one, but still very easy.

*) cliff face
*) scaffolding/theatre (Paris)
*) theatre stage (Paris)
*) floor tile room (Congo)
*) castle tower (Prague)
*) pissoir-adjacent scaffolding (Paris)

Contextual/inventory problems:
*) wake Harry
*) statue fire
	Not sure why you would do this, instead of just sneaking around to the
	jeep, but it screams "puzzle!".
*) re-entering Vernon's flat
	The old key-in-lock thing. They've completely given up on originality.
*) moving strut (Paris)
	Easy, but naturally involved with the environment.
*) opening temple door (Congo)
	Easy, but nice to co-operate with Nico.
*) jamming gears (Congo)
*) blonding Petra's wig (Prague)
*) rusted grate (Prague)
	Gotta think where there might be oil.
*) laundry room (Prague)
	Sort of block pushing, but the goal is contextual.
*) unscrew grill (Prague)
*) get sewer key (Paris)
*) remove sewer cover (Paris)
*) map to stones (Paris)

*) push/pull beam generators (Congo)
	Easy but involved puzzle, sort of a 3D jigsaw.
*) reflecting crystals (Congo)
	Still on the easy side, but non-trivial.
*) wine bottles (Paris)
	Good connection with the story.
*) Anubis test of wisdom (Egypt)
	The old crossing puzzle. Same one two games in a row for me (Egypt 3).

*) Harry in Jeep (Congo)
	Why didn't Sussaro capture/kill him? They just let him take their Jeep?
*) Zazie payment (Glastonbury)
	She only accepts silver? Not cash?
*) setting clock (Paris)
	George already knows the chapter and verse (in the notes), so why does he
	have to go look for a bible?
*) Sussaro at armillary (Egypt)
	How did he get inside without the keystones? If he could just break through
	the walls, then the Anubis-thing is not much of a guardian.
*) Bruno's sacrifice (Egypt)
	Why did he activate the mechanism in the first place, if he was willing to
	sacrifice himself?
*) Petra at Glastonbury
	Why doesn't she have a gun?