Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

1997 Legend Entertainment
Designed by Josh Mandel
*) temple door -- blatant irrelevant puzzle, but it seems like a dig at all
   those other puzzle-game wannabe adventures
*) Parabolus' doors -- a stretch, but it follows the antics of the bar, so okay

*) wax lips -- Callahan's doesn't have a cartoony feel, so this is out of place
*) kidney pie -- silly that they keep whole kidneys in jars
*) utility knife -- hard to see, displayed as a few pixels

*) accessing biochambre -- I never did figure out why that colour combination,
   so I must have missed something, but there are only 24 combinations
*) shooting bulkhead -- it looks too dangerous, but it makes sense
*) Parabolus' doors -- it's hard to figure the goal of the problem
*) grinding chocolate nibs -- very nice out of the box problem
*) werewolf fur -- clever indirect approach

Lots and lots and lots of things to interact with, even if few actually do