1995 Dreamforge Intertainment
Designed by Roger Zelazny, Jane Lindskold; C. Aaron Kreader, John McGirk IV
*) Urbs world key -- a slider
*) Aurans world key -- a jigsaw (sort of) puzzle
*) Fortuna world key -- a Simon says game
*) Cabal: witch's hangman game
*) Dyce: entry panel -- a game of Concentration

Minor timed bits:
*) Fortuna world key -- a Simon says game, repeatable
*) Dyce: entry panel -- a game of Concentration, short flash of the cards,
   exposed, since you can't reasonably solve it straight up

*) In general, dialogues are unpredictable, and a wrong choice can kill you.
   Usually the "correct" choices make sense, but no more so than the others.
*) Urbs: save or destroy the universe? -- Why does "destroy" not do so and
   instead presents you with the world key?
*) Aurans: using ice on crystal -- Huh?
*) Aurans: using ice to blind swordsman -- Not bloody likely.
*) Cabal: using geode on the garden -- Huh?
*) Verdry: waterflower pollen -- Why is that something special to the bees?
   They can fly to it easily enough themselves.
*) Verdry: getting stair from the tree (with chisel) -- a saw would have made
   sense, maybe, but then why only one stair?
*) Verdry: boat for the smallings -- the apparent sizes of the objects don't
   match up; what's the leaf for?
*) Verdry: clock room -- Jester tells you what to do, but how does she know?
*) Dyce: disabling Deter's mech -- There seems to be no sense to the controls,
   just try every combination until you get the right one.
*) Dyce: using PDA on solar panels -- a hammer seems better, but it doesn't
*) Dyce: breaking telescope lens -- why?
*) Dyce: Alachra's gambit -- looks like a random win/lose, what's the point?

*) Aurans: getting to castle
*) Aurans: getting into the harem
*) Fortuna: getting by the train gate
*) Fortuna: winning poker game -- you learn about the special hand elsewhere,
   so it's a clever trap
*) Fortuna: security badge (from dealer's badge)
*) Fortuna: getting ship's password (prob. driver on screen)
*) Cabal: plant rose in garden -- I thought I was done with Cabal at this point,
   and don't know why I would want to plant the rose, but it's a reasonable
   thing to do with the rose
*) Verdry: mailbox staircase -- it's not really that hard, but between the
   (appropriate) weirdness of the concept, and the detailed implementation, it's
   easy to screw up
*) Dyce: using flute to free Milo and defeat Dwistor -- good use of his theme
   against him

Lots of other challenges could be hard, too, if you blink or get to them
slightly out of the game's intended sequence.

The Verdry maze was neat, the first few times, but it soon became extremely
tedious. Especially since there seems to be no way to zip Korda along. There
should have been some kind of mapping feature so that you could quickly zip to
already visited parts of the maze.