1998 Shine Studio
Designed by Kyle Choi
*) "my start" -- but it's a cute way to start
*) What is that pizza dish? What's its purpose? The whole house seems to have
   no function.
*) How am I activating the movie screen (in the solar house) from the chair?
   My arms aren't that long.
*) turning the globe changes the season -- It makes thematic sense, but such
   major, unexplained magic breaks any sense of "being there".
*) How did I get to the walkway? I was walking across ice, and then I wasn't.
*) turning the sea tower -- I must be Mr. Fantastic.
*) that's an awfully big, compilcated "on" switch for the hut projector.
*) da Vinci hut -- How do those buttons work? How does the picture change? Why
   am I doing this in the first place?
*) Sindbad hut -- Amazing how that candle can burn forever. Why hasn't that
   loose paper blown away?
*) chimes hut -- Where did that music come from? This knocks you out of the
   game and into a chair in front of a computer.

A big irrelevance underscores the entire story: Why does your solving puzzles
cause the light-heads to go away? To where are they going?

*) turning the pillar to turn the pyramid -- This is very tedious, since you
   have to run back and forth to see the effects of your action. It would have
   been better done as a release mechanism, then you only run back to the
   pyramid once and can spin it to see all sides.

*) chimes hut -- The hardest tone matching I've ever seen. There are lots of
   chimes to choose from, and you have to select from three melodies that are
   playing at once. Which is the right one? How many of the notes do I have to
*) "green" waterflow puzzle -- the clues are there, and nicely presented, but it
   still takes some head scratching to figure out how the plumb helps you
*) model compound cards -- there's no point to it, so it's hard to figure out
   what must be done
*) opening the pyramid internal doors -- the action works over a great distance,
   making it hard to connect the instigation to the result