The Crystal Key

1999 Earthlight Productions
Designed by Jennifer Matheson, John Matheson
*) moving the sun spot -- the problem is the sluggish controls; it's a bit of
   tedious fiddling until you get it right, but still pretty easy

*) coloured triangle lock -- too contrived to be relevant, but a good puzzle
*) "sunspot" door lock -- huh? why would anybody set up such a thing?

*) you're thrown into prison, but you keep your inventory
*) endgame hologram trap -- Good idea, but failed execution. You don't know
   that Ozgar will be the first down the hall, and they would see their
   soldiers disappearing behind the hologram, and know something was up. In
   fact, if you set things up wrong, it's a soldier that gets you, *not* Ozgar.
   Secondly, you've no way to know which direction they'll come from. Thirdly,
   you don't know that the gate goes anywhere bad -- the "leaf" led to a jungle
   world, I expected the sun to lead to a hot desert place. When I tried to go
   to the "sun" place, it just said "game over" with no explanation.
*) nice of the Arkonians to speak English, even if they don't write it
*) radio noise breaks glass

*) endgame hologram trap -- good challenge requiring creativity, despite some