Dark Fall

2002 XXv Productions
Designed by Jonathan Boakes
Both are not actual real-time, but rather sound-matching tasks.
*) trial 2 -- matching the fire, etc., sounds
*) trial 3 -- matching the sound on the wall

*) the final lyric -- maybe not so hard, but it involves a large gathering of
   information. very fitting final challenge.
*) the 3rd trial -- sound matching, made tough since the sounds runs together
   in the clue
*) computer password -- the proper solution is neat, but it's also nice that
   there's a doable, if tedious, backdoor solution: notice the Chinese food
   cartons, and just try everything in the Chinese menu. if you're really
   desperate, you could just try all the menus.
*) Andrew's box / constellations -- nice combination of clues. the hardest
   part, I think, is recognising that the constellation name is the lyric.
*) KARS -- little eureka! to make the connection

Talking to the ghosts, with the Ouija and elsewhere, can be tough to get any
information, but it's also completely optional.
The Sly Fox mystery is another nice bit of optional detective work.
The Thomas-Betty thread is almost superfluous.