The Dig

1995 LucasArts Entertainment
Designed by Sean Clark
Trapping the critter does not appear to be real-time.

Weak relevance:
*) the door locks
*) reassembling the turtle
*) fixing the tram power system
*) the broken light bridge mechanism
*) aligning the eclipse
*) controlling the robot
The door locks puzzle is irrelevant. The rest are well justified by the
setting, although they are obvious drop-in puzzles.

*) scaring Brink away
	- Why should the bats scare him? It won't work if you try it earlier.
*) defeating the spider-like monster (saving Maggie)
	- It's a very dodgy solution -- it wouldn't seem likely to work. It's
	- not difficult, since the game leads you through it.
*) getting the last plate: giving Maggie the tablet at the right place
	- It doesn't work if you give her the tablet elsewhere.

More generally, you are dragged through the challenges by the story. I.e.,
a lot of "do it because you can", without any indication why.

Some events are triggered by unrelated actions: Maggie getting kidnapped,
Brink getting his arm stuck.

*) defeating sea-monster
	- nice challenge
*) getting Brink's life crystals
	- silly: the bats didn't scare him earlier, and why should he run away
	- in that direction, instead of the other way?
*) showing Maggie the tablet
	- silly: you must do it at the right location, while you're there
*) capturing the critter
	- herding it into the trap was the hard part!

Several other challenges of moderate difficulty.

The animations for the cut-scenes are in a different style. Their style does
not suit the regular game style, nor the theme.