Discworld 2: Missing, Presumed...?!

1996 Perfect Entertainment
Designed by Gregg Barnett
Real-time: minor
*) after calling Albert, going to the kitchen before he arrives

This is how mazes should be done!
The quests are blatantly contrived, but at least they're part of the world.

I didn't find any good justification for:
*) swapping birds for mallets
	- the mallets are described in a birdy fashion, but it's still a big leap

These are a bit silly for Discworld, but they're okay in a general cartoon
*) increasing the weight to 10 tons
*) bombing the elven queen

*) harvesting the corn: seeing a harvester without trial and error
*) the rooster-vampire connection
*) getting the candy rock from the stoning mob: seeing the suffrajester as
   rock bait
*) constructing a pyramid from croquet hoops: the idea of a wire-frame pyramid

Getting around was much better than in the previous Discworld: no long, tedious
treks through well-worn scenery.