Discworld Noir

1999 Perfect Entertainment
Designed by Gregg Barnett, Chris Bateman, Mark Judge
Nothing major, but lots of little irks.
*) Mundy's frayed rope is hard to see.
*) Why would Nobby know anythig about the mysterious passengers?
*) Gotta return to your office to meet Al Khali, but you're not given any reason
   to do so.
*) Using "Temple of Anu-anu" on the chalkboard to get the book: the idea is
   good, but the execution requires a passage of time that's not apparent here.
*) Why should the merchant know anything about "dead men's pointy boots"?
*) After getting stonewalled by Death on various murders, he lets slip about
   the merchant's.
*) After getting nothing from Carlotta for a bunch of murders, you finally get
   something. This is tedious.
*) Turning into a wolf at the Dysk: this seems counter to Lewton's established
*) Asking Nobby about Gelig gets a very unexpected result.

*) cafe receipts to learn of wine delivery -- tough, but Samael mentioned
   something about that earlier
*) using iconograph on Mundy's corpse -- a good bit of detecting
*) the azile clue -- a good idea, but the interface was clunky
*) use jewel to track down Horst -- easy or d'oh

*) Smells were neat. I wish more games would try to use more senses.
*) Information as objects is a nice change from the norm.