Egypt 1156 B.C.

1998 Canal+ Multimedia
Designed by Cyril Picard, Frédéric Gayral, Bernard Bittler
All time sequence failures result in death, with no auto-restore.
*) the archer -- If you stand around too long, he gets you. The time constraints
   either stop or reset once you throw the boomerang.
*) escape balcony (after senet) -- One click, generous constraint.
*) finding booty after water bowl -- A longish timed sequence with a visible
   timer. This could be difficult if you haven't mapped out the pillar hall
   first. Easy enough if you know exactly where to go. Note that you can't
   save in the middle (you can, but restore results in an expired timer).

*) using the code document -- It's a magical device in an otherise non-magical
   setting and game. Getting the idea to use it for the first time is a stretch,
   but thereafter it should be obvious.
*) the cobra -- Interface problem: it doesn't look like a cobra, more like a
   piece of rope or cloth. This results in sudden death when you first see it.
*) Tchai's door -- pixel hunt for the peg; mindless twiddling to operate it
*) embalmer's booty -- You die if you take the booty. The problem is, once you
   pick it up, you can't put it back. How do they know you took it? At least
   the one in the lamp looks small enough to fit in your pocket.
*) escaping tomb -- pixel hunt looking for a spot on the wall, and you have to
   be weilding the knife to see it
*) feeding the cat -- That was a bowl of milk? I can't recall seeing the
   contents described... You can't see the cat to give it the bowl, you have
   to do it indirectly, placing it on an arbitrary, undistinguished location.
*) using earring -- Strange action, does the earring look like a key?
*) the time measurement (bowl) -- This didn't make sense. The character might
   know what he was doing, but the player doesn't.
*) open tunic -- Why am I doing that? Yeah, he's wearing an amulet, but why
   do I think it's booty? And how do I know the pieces I've gathered fit the

*) senet-board clue (from mural) -- subtle, realistic sort of clue
*) opening senet board -- combination of information required

*) Tchai's door -- There's a set of triggers that cause the old man to go away,
   and it's possible to get them misfired so that he block the door when you
   need to get to it. It's a problem because you wouldn't realise that the
   old man needs to move.
*) wailing woman -- The interface and actions here were very confusing. It
   wasn't clear that the coded document even had a name on it.