Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy

2000 Cryo Interactive / Réunion des Musées Nationaux
Designed by Yann Masson
*) priestess verification -- A slider puzzle, with a slight twist. Not sure if
   it's better than the alternative, diving into the infobase.
*) beer measure -- Okay as a puzzle, although it has been done to death. But
   silly, since she would have a unit measure, and who would have 3 and 5

*) drums -- Non-fatal, repeatable. Beating the drums in time. It's a bit tough
   to figure out what you should be matching to, and then it's also a bit
   tough to do it (if you're not a drummer). I think I played a fixed
   version, not the broken original version.
*) veranda guard -- Fatal, with auto-restore, a synchronisation problem.
   The idea is good, but the execution was a bit sloppy. The guard's route
   was not that clear, because of graphical limitations. Some actions make it
   hard to figure out his route, i.e., it's not properly implemented.
   Also, it's possible to not even see the guard until you're caught.

*) taking mirror -- It's out of character for Tifet to be a thief. Maybe you
   could put it off until you know you need it for Sakhmet, but her comment
   when you take it it still out of character.
*) awakening geese -- They were drugged, not sleeping, so the pebbles shouldn't
   have any effect so soon. Fortunately, there's little else to do.

*) drums -- For some people, these could be very tough.