The Egyptian Prophecy

2004 Kheops Studio
Designed by Laure Nollet, Alexis Lang; Régis Harpocrate, Stéphane Lombard, Antoine Maillet
Most take place in the otherworld, and are tests to prove your worthiness to
this or that god(dess). It's a poor handwave to excuse a puzzle.
*) cartouche slider
	Standard puzzle slider. For me, at least, it started off just a few
	moves away from solved.
*) opening coffer
	Khaemouaset's challenge to prove you're worthy. A good puzzle.
*) Sakhmet's music
	A sound matching problem suitable for the tone deaf. Sakhmet's challenge.
*) magic dolerite ball recovery
	A piece sliding puzzle all dressed up. Ptah's challenge.
*) ferrying Nut, Geb, and Shu
	A variation of the old river crossing. Isis' challenge.
*) Horus/falcon and Set/tortoise
	A piece sliding puzzle. Another of Isis' challenges.
*) first book of the dead guardian (Negaou)
	Simple combination of parallel trial and error problems. Osiris' challenge.
*) second book of the dead guardian (double maze)
	A good twist on a maze. Osiris' challenge.
*) third book of the dead guardian (logic riddle)
	An old fashioned logic word puzzle. Osiris' challenge.
*) fourth book of the dead guardian (mats)
	More of a riddle: it's really about understanding the original statement.
	Osiris' challenge.
*) dream interpretation
	Essentially a maze, although you can guess which one's he will want to
	hear. It's pretty silly for this guy to be challenging you here, though.
	Brick-maker's challenge.
*) snake battle
	A little strategy game. Fun and challenging. The structure is not relevant,
	but it's not a bad abstract representation of the fight, like chess to war.

auto-restore on all
*) cure snake bite
	Lots of time if you read the cure and located all the ingredients before.
	Not enough if you didn't. I thought it was obvious that I was going to
	get bitten, so it was easy enough.
*) fighting Tuya (at Paser's)
	It doesn't start until you move first, so there's lot's of time, once
	you know what to do. It's obvious, anyway.
*) getting by temple workers
	The first part is more of a synchronisation problem, but the next two steps
	don't give you time to look around. I just gave up trying to finesse it and
	ran, and it worked.
*) magic duel with Tuya
	A Monkey Island like duel, except with a clock instead of back-steps.
	It takes a play or two to get the correct responses, and then you have to
	select promptly and accurately -- there's not much room for mistakes.

*) Khaemouaset's coffer lock
*) double maze
*) final game against snake