1983 Infocom
Designed by Marc Blank, Dave Lebling
There are several things you need to discover by dying (or running into a dead
end) and then restoring:
*) you have to know in advance about Krill's bodyguards in order to know which
   spells you should have ready
*) you must get the right objects from the map room before the adventurer;
   you won't know what you need until later
*) you have to go straight from getting the adventurer to the guarded door, or
   risk losing him; once you lose him, hooking up with him again by the guarded
   door could push you beyond your food limit
*) you must know in advance to drop your inventory elsewhere before going to
   the temple, since you can't get it back later
*) you only find out about the limited use of the pencil and eraser when you've
   exhausted them -- examination suggests not many, but you don't know whether
   that means, e.g., 1 or 3
*) in the machine room, exex myself is reasonable, but the unknown spears get
   you, and ozmoo doesn't work, either -- at least the turtle is an obvious
   character to try
*) you must know in advance your fate in the temple -- but it looks dangerous,
   so ozmoo in advance is not too bad

*) summoning the adventurer to defeat a monster -- clever puzzle
*) figuring out the dungeon maze -- actually doing it is easy, but understanding
   the goal and the working of the pencil and eraser and the Unseen Terror is a
   good lateral leap

The spell system is a great addition to the standard dungeon crawl.