Eric the Unready

1993 Legend Entertainment
Designed by Bob Bates
*) armouror
	Copy protection, rather weakly integrated.
*) wheel of torture
	Game out of nowhere, but it's fun.
*) concentration
	Vaguely relevant, it being a fair, but too uncreative to be worth it.

*) lab machine
	Sudden death if you hit the wrong button, and there's no warning.
	Furthermore, you must operate the buttons/etc. to get what you need.

*) stop ferrous wheel
	Action at a distance.
*) mead lite and oaf
	The connection between the tavern argument and the arguing oaf heads is
	reasonable, but still obscure enough to make this difficult. You won't
	know why you want to give the mead to the oaf, but it's reasonable to
	assume that there will be some interesting effect.
*) getting chamber-pot
	Wonderful cascading challenge.
*) enter mouth
	Maybe a bit silly, since nobody else will read the book, but virgins are
	*supposed* to be innocent.
*) around to it
	A really bad pun.
*) iceberg
	Good connectivity with the environment: the Lilliputian device gets
	multiple use.

I thought these challenges were clever:
*) root beer
*) mead lite
*) chamber-pot (marble)
*) around to it
*) hourglass
*) breaking the chandelier chain