1996 Simbiosis Interactive
Designed by Jens Hultgren, Laurent Cluzel, Alexander Jacobs
*) castle gate sound stones -- very out of place, especially given how easy the
   solution is

*) stealing the candy -- very minor, quickly repeatable; almost not worth

There are too many incidents of sudden death to mention. There are clues of
varying subtlety for some, but you can count on dying, so save often. Otherwise:
*) appeasing the band of robbers -- the ring works, but the pearl necklace
*) feeding the bird -- the poison fruit doesn't bother it
*) killing the snake daemon -- that was too easy. how did these guys rule so
   long if they're so easy to kill?
*) killing the fire daemon -- with lava?! he should have been immune
*) ogre's chest -- the key is not in his pillow if you come through the well,
   only if you come through the hole: why the difference?
*) prison cell floor stone -- you can dig it out with a spoon, but not with a
   knife or spear?
*) dead end: (untested) don't pick up the knife from the dead robber, then you
   can't open the oysters, no treasure, and you're stuck undersea

*) killing the snake daemon -- it's too easy to believe
*) killing the gorgon -- that's the way to do it, avoiding her power
*) crossing the underworld bridge -- a-ha!