1999 Anne Carrière / Arxel Tribe
Designed by Stephen Carrière, Béryl Chanteux, Hubert Chardot
*) Hannibal: tigers -- fits the theme
*) Todd: poker game -- fits the theme
*) Giselle: torn note -- jigsaw puzzle

*) Nathaniel: water wheel -- easy and repeatable, but it's tough to know if
   you've got it exactly 7 because of coarse visual feedback and the delay
   after throwing the lever to stop
*) Kalinka: getting the ring -- easy and repeatable

*) twins: closet safe -- Why would it have a continually changing combination?
*) Nathaniel: desk drawer -- arbitrary way to open lower-right, but I think it
   is a real-world "standard" trick -- you either know it and it's easy, or
   you don't and it's impossible
*) Nathaniel: rainbow code -- the rainbow colours didn't seem to match the code!
*) Nathaniel: bed drawer -- the lat/long of the bedposts didn't match the clue
   given by the pipe!
*) Frank: wig -- by what mechanism would it trigger the statue to open?
*) Frank: compass clue -- blink and you miss it, and you can't see it again!
*) Kalinka: book titles -- there are several ways to arrange the sentence that
   make sense!
*) Hannibal: whip a mouse? maybe just to scare it...
*) Giselle: fidge chain -- how do the blocks allow you to open the compartment?

*) twins: closet safe
*) Nathaniel: 7 after black -- it's easy to miss the "black" since it takes so
   long for the wheel to go around
*) Frank: mermaids -- even if the clue did repeat, it would be good and tough
*) Hannibal: cabinet code -- nice reuse of a clue

Some bugs:
*) Nathaniel: I ran in to all sorts of synchronisation problems. E.g., hold up
   the knife in the bedroom, before ever seeing the letter, and you will see
   the seal and be able to open it!
*) Kalinka: books: The false backs didn't slide all the way over, so I couldn't
   see the titles as I was arranging them.