The Feeble Files

1997 Adventure Soft
Designed by Simon Woodroffe
*) prison tile puzzle -- doesn't make sense in its world
*) chemistry set -- a stand-alone puzzle, but it fits the context well

*) bar stool lights -- this one is tough to time right, very annoying even if it
   is fully repeatable
*) shooting guards -- a bit of arcade action, out of place
*) Arcade games -- some are timed, but judicious save/restore is a good idea in
   that stretch, anyway, and the real-time doesn't really affect the situation
*) the tile puzzle -- sychronised and repeatable, but there's a lot to repeat
   if you screw up at a bad time
*) "axing" the bad guy in the Omnibrain room -- not too quick, but not
*) native in maze -- slow and repeatable, but very tedious
*) running around prison halls -- slow and repeatable
*) escaping prison cell -- slow and repeatable
*) hiding in prison TV room -- slow and repeatable

Lots and lots of silliness, these are just a few that I can remember:
*) vending machine -- have to try 3 times before anything happens
*) ignition circuit -- how do you know which tone is the good one?
*) capturing Filbert -- very contrived, given that you've got SAM
*) the pseudo-Feeble doll thingy -- yowch!
*) transferring SAMs ciruits -- how are you supposed to know which are key?

Too many to list, but some of the tough ones I liked are
*) spiking the drink with the bad pills
*) tacks in bed
*) chemistry set
*) stealing the camera
*) figuring out the date
*) disabling the first guard robot
*) gassing the complex