Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster

1995 Amazing Media
Designed by Phil Mikkelson, Norm Badillo, Keith Metger; Paul Taylor, Ian Brown
*) planet room gates -- why would he have such a bizarre locking system? it's
   the only gimmick device in the game, so it really stands out.

*) crushing stones -- the actual crushing is pretty easy, but there can be a
   long wait for rocks to appear, so long that you will likely think you have
   done something wrong.

There are a few cases which might be real-time, or maybe it just waits for you
to make a wrong move (I didn't bother to test):
*) escaping the animals room
*) running from the thugs
*) the ladder maze
These are all annoying, since there's no good indication of (or reason for)
the correct path.

*) lab door lock -- only 32 combinations, not much of a lock, and yet it looks
   like it's supposed to be functional
*) escaping Frankenstein (animal room) -- turn the wrong way and die
*) escaping the thugs -- turn the wrong way and die
*) ladder maze -- too many wrong turns and die

And story-wise:
*) penicillin in the 19th century?
*) where did the earthquake monster come from? where did it go after you
   escape it? why did the quake not affect the rest of the castle, which was
   in bad shape to begin with?

*) planet room gates -- good associative problem
*) final revivification -- twiddly machine puzzle, involves careful reading of
   the notes