Full Throttle

1994 LucasArts Entertainment
Designed by Tim Schafer
Lot's of real-time, but almost always easy to do, makes sense within the
story, and allows a quick replay if you fail. The exception is the endgame
sequence, where you've lots to try, insufficient time to try it all, and you
must repeat more than a little after failure. The actions aren't dificult to
accomplish once you know what to do -- there's no arcade-level action.

*) first bike fight
*) kick in trailer door
*) hide from cops at watertower
*) run from cops at watertower
*) fight bikers on old mine road -- this gets tedious, since you have to
     repeat many of the same fights until you've worked out how to beat
*) getting rid of the Cavefish pursuit
*) grabbing the bunny
*) picking up the hord of bunnies before they all get to the minefield
*) the demolition derby
*) distracting Mavis in the projection room
*) stopping the semi
*) the endgame seqment on the road-plane

Very reasonable and fair, but some minor peeves:
*) getting into Corley Motors, you have to kick the wall just so -- very
     tedious to repeat this until you get the right pixel
*) the ramps at the demolition derby -- I couldn't figure out what they were,
     since if you drive into them you just bounce off, until you happen to
     come at them from the right side. I thought they were just raised concrete
     platforms for judges or referees or whatever. Obviously, I've never been
     to a demolition derby before...

*) finding the secret way into Corley motors -- hard because you have to kick
     the wall at the right time, on the right pixel or two
*) trapping the junkyard dog -- good puzzle
*) getting into the junkyard -- nice lateral puzzle