Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria

2001 Prelusion
Designed by Daniel Nilsson, Lorne Laliberte; Mike Hiltunen, David Engdahl, Mats Öhr, Patrick Broddesson, Joel Ygberg, Per Hemmingsson
These are both set up as explicit puzzles, guards placed by a pirate to
protect his treasure, and there are only two for that purpose, so they are not
*) slider puzzle -- meta-joke alluding to the evilness of sliders?
*) water puzzle

*) slider puzzle -- grrr! really stupid and annoying! it's not temporally hard
   if you know exactly what moves to make, and the puzzle is small, but there's
   no reason for it
*) wooden frame from Vikings -- very generous time, repeatable. the time
   constraints are well used to set up a problem. once you figure out what you
   are trying to accomplish, doing the actions is trivial.

The problems are not so much in what you have to do, but that the game only
accepts one solution, when several equivalent approaches exist:
*) sword can't cut phone wire, but knife can
*) knife won't shear sheep, doesn't even give a reasonable failure message
*) tar to glove to sack, why not tar to sack?
*) ink should work to make sock as well as shoe polish
*) why do we have to put glow-in-the-dark pal on the rock? just using it in the
   sunlight should be enough.
*) cauldron -- feather duster doesn't work on sheriff
*) cauldron -- why doesn't sheriff pull his sword on you? why does he run away?
*) skin rash -- why do you need to make a potato stamp? fingers should work.
*) firecrackers -- lighting them with matches didn't work, not give any message
   that it wasn't necessary.
*) finale -- the main body of the chimney was not part of the chimney hotspot,
   making the chimney easy to miss

*) making superglue -- right at the start! cartoon logic, but fair here. fun.
   narrow scope makes it very doable.
*) fake dog -- more fun cartoon logic.
*) strongman Gilbert dumbbells -- even more cartoon logic.
*) getting Zyz's ball  -- not exactly hard, but the indirection could be a
   stumbling block.
*) hard jelly plug -- another clever cartoon logic challenge.
*) hunchback disguise -- easy to do, but may be tricky to conceive.
*) salmon for flytrap -- sounds silly, but the game gives loud clues for it.
*) depilatory papers -- ewww!
*) finale popcorn -- probably not reasonable, but it's funny and the scope is