Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

1993 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Jane Jensen
*) day 9: dodging the zombies
*) day 10: stopping Grace's sacrifice
*) day 10: saving Grace and Mosely

Several minor instances

*) distracting the cop with the mime
	- there's no reason to think that the cop would behave like that
*) getting the snake bracelet copy
	- why would Gabriel want to make an impression of the bracelet?
	- are we ever told that Sam was a jeweller? that would make it okay
*) using heat to get Mosely's badge, then asking for coffee
	- a bit hot for coffee, and why doesn't Gabriel take off his coat?
	- not too bad, since it follows reasonable experimental steps

Harder challenges:
*) getting past the zombies
*) finding your way to the swamp conclave: sekey madoule
*) distracting the motorcycle cop
*) getting a copy of the snake bracelet
*) opening the clock

You must meticulously explore and rigourously interrogate everybody.

I really hated those zombies: the challenge is out of step with the rest of
the game. The day 10 real-time is suitable.