Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within

1995 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Jane Jensen
*) final wolf chase through the theatre basement is a contrived, abstract
   puzzle, but it tries hard to fit in, and is a decent puzzle

*) defeating werewolf at the furnace -- simple action, but small time window

*) the cuckoo clock on the tree in the hunting lodge -- extremely contrived
*) catching the bird in the jail cell -- why would you want to?
*) using water on the museum chair -- the response is contrived, but otherwise
   it's not too bad
*) defeating the werewolf at the furnace -- very tedious, I had to repeat this
   scenario several times until I stumbled on the right sequence
Except for the clock, they're not too bad.

Vast majority of challenges are very simple, but there are a few hard ones.
*) cuckoo clock distraction -- hard because it's silly
*) dropping the lilies in the lake -- nicely foreshadowed
*) distracting Klingman with the spliced tape recording -- good challenge,
   hard only because you have to use a different interface and approach than
*) taping the club conversation -- good and sneaky
*) distracting museum guards with holy water -- they should have taken the
   chair away to get cleaned, so it works anyway, but it's still a good leap
   to associate the water with the child's pee
*) getting the car key from Gerde -- a sideways approach to the problem