Jack the Ripper: New York 1901

2003 Galilea
Designed by JO Barrez, Jean Baptiste Berlioz
*) chinese laundry lock
	This is not a realistic lock: there are only 144 possibilities, and it's
	easy to run them down. Any passerby could open it in a few minutes.

*) meat locker
	You can freeze if you stay in too long. There's lots of time, and you can
	leave and return to restore the timer.
*) photographing Jack
	Lots of time to simply click (but fatal if you miss).

*) look at sky to advance time
	Very bizarre thing to require. You can run around a long time before lucking
	into the right thing.
*) how does palmer know where along the railroad the next murder will be?
	There are several possibilities, but the game selects the right one for
*) develop photo at Pinkerten
	Why doesn't the paper have its own facility? Or at least a retainer.

*) putting stickers on map pins
	This should be done automatically. It's just make-work.
*) can sometimes see characters/objects through walls
*) can sometimes click on characters through walls
	... even if you can't see them.