Jazz and Faust

2002 Saturn Plus
Designed by Aleksey Nikanorov, Vadim Zhiltsov, Vladislav Gontcharov
*) gravestone -- jigsaw puzzle, but it's given a good excuse

Both have generous time windows, are non-fatal, and cyclic (i.e., it keeps
repeating until you respond correctly).
*) ladder onto widow's walkout
*) leopard


Triggers can be very crude. At one point, the character himself even comments
on it (the hourglass in the opium den).

*) bottle on bar -- hard to see the bottle
*) barmaid doesn't object when Faust takes a bottle to help the cop
*) talking to the Chinese vendor -- the action instead results in Faust trying
   to steal the gem
*) steaing the gem -- gotta click on an object on a "look at" icon -- very
*) the Stork captain suddenly appears after giving the kid the cat -- very
   crudely done trigger, since there's no connection between the two
*) why does the blacksmith not want to get paid?
*) where does the rope and grapple come from?
*) using amulet on stone -- it fits, but what happened? suddenly you're
*) deadly tree -- where'd her handmaid go?
*) mirror on bugs -- no clue to that effect

*) wrestlers -- they don't see you tip the wine? also, pixel hunt for the
   hotspot to do it
*) cigars -- the barmaid doesn't see you? maybe she just doesn't care
*) fence rod in cemetery -- pixel hunt
*) walking on slab in cell -- using the interface against you, it should be an
   action icon on it
*) throwing plate in slave market -- the rocks or torch should work as well
*) getting hookah from stoned guy -- he was asleep? it looked like he was
*) getting rod from stoned guy -- why does he give it up now, when it was
   needed before to get the hookah?
*) hourglass -- magically appears when you need it
*) wearing veil -- a mysterious side effect of the interface
*) forge pincers -- pixel hunt
*) getting sabre, etc., during temple monster fight -- pixel hunt