The Journeyman Project

1992 Presto Studios
Designed by David Flanagan

Slow time limits:
 *) the bulls & cows like game
 *) the Mars maze
 *) building the molecules (?)
 *) hydraulic hand

Hard arcade:
 *) spaceship shooting
 *) getting the biochips before the robots disintegrate
 *) missile override (trackball)

Scoring is also based on time to finish a time period.

The time constraints are generally appropriate. I found that getting the
biochips was almost impossible: there's a narrow window between animations
where I can grab the needed chips (especially the retinal chip). The space
fight was a bit out of place, and didn't play smoothly for me.

If you take the wrong order, you won't be able to do much.

Easy, leaving off the arcade stuff, although even that is probably relatively