King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown

1984 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Roberta Williams

Character movement is done in real-time. Together with the geography, this
means you have to be careful near cliffs, rushing water, etc. The net result
is tedium: it's not difficult enough to be interesting, but it's common enough
to be annoying.

There are occasional real-time antagonists (ogre, wizard, wolf, dwarf, witch).
Your only defence is to run away. Again, there is no challenge, it is only

You must jump onto the big bird. You must first wait for it to appear, then
you must wait for it to move to an area of the screen where you can jump it.
The waiting is only tedious. Similarly, you have to wait for the witch to
appear. This is not as bad, since there are things to do that occupy most of
the time.

You must also wait for the elf, fairy godmother, and giant. Again, the waiting
serves little purpose other than to annoy.

You must "catch" the goat, gnome, rat, and dragon. They are restricted to a
small area, so this is easy.

The relevance come from allusion: the challenges are set in the context of
popular fairy tales, and the objects and actions are relevant to those tales.
Otherwise, there is little plot or back-story to be relevant to.


There is a reasonable path to completion, but getting the full score
requires unreasonable actions (via alternative solutions).

For simply winning:
*) Why should you jump on the bird?
*) Why would you want to go down the well?
*) A little dagger can kill a dragon?
*) Why would you want to push the rock (the one over the dagger)?

For full points:
*) Walk around until the giant falls asleep?
*) Why open a walnut? You're busy questing here...
*) After the dragon runs off, you get points for returning through the hole
   into the well. You also get points for refilling the bucket.
*) Why should you play a fiddle for the leprechauns?

Simply winning is pedestrian. Getting the full score is difficult, largely due
to the silliness required. The most difficult challenges:
*) Guessing the gnome's name (good).
*) Putting the giant to sleep (silly).
*) Catching a lift from the bird (silly).
*) Killing the witch (good).