King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human

1986 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Roberta Williams

*) following various paths, ladders, etc. -- slip and die
*) avoiding some characters: thieves, pirates, medusa
*) getting everything done while the wizard is away/asleep
*) exit/return for thief to sleep
*) exit/return for bears to leave, and maybe again for porridge
*) climbing down the cliff

These are silly: they're not dynamic enough on their own to be fun, but
they're sufficiently difficult to be annoying.

*) There are two ways to start down the cliff: one is instant death.
*) Turn into an eagle to defeat the giant spider? You're a lot bigger than an
*) The thief in the tree-house seems to randomly wake up and kill you.
*) You can't use many of the spells except as/where intended. E.g., you can't
   put the sleeping powder in the porridge, nor use the storm spell on the
*) How do you know which page to turn to for a spell? I assume the manual
   gave instructions, but there weren't any in the collection.
*) How do you know Manannon will be upset seeing you with magic ingredients?
   Especially cat fur and chicken feathers, which are reasonable for a lad to
   fiddle with.
*) How do you know the bears will leave porridge? It's possible to break in
   and there not be any, so you have to know to return again. Also, why would
   a good boy break in?
*) Getting by the pirate on the island: he just disappears if you slip by him

*) defeating Manannan -- how do you slip him the cookie?
*) escaping the pirate ship
*) finding the key to the cabinet