King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

1992 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Jane Jensen, Roberta Williams
There are many instances of minor real-time constraints, where you must grab
something or do something before something else happens. Most are easy and
obvious, including: getting pearl, tricking gnomes, getting the page from the
web, throwing the gauntlet, showing beauty the ring, etc. You must also avoid
the ghouls (easy) and the guard dogs (a bit tougher, but still pretty easy).
The only tight constraints seem to be in the finale, in the height of a fight,
and in the alternate non-perfect ending when you must quickly activate the
nightingale, hide, and dodge the guards. Even at these points it's not hard if
you know what to do (and how).

There are a few instances where the player sees things the character doesn't.
The only one with real effect is the seeing of the genie's lamp, and even that
is arguable. There are several instances where it appears that resurrection is
required or reasonably unavoidable. E.g.,
	*) meeting the gnomes before you have the necessary equipment
	*) entering the catacombs before you have the necessary equipment
	*) not letting a ghoul touch you
	*) having the rain spell ready for when you face the druids
	*) walking in on the druids long before you're ready
	*) several real-time decisions, where you don't have time to try a second

It's a large puzzle. While nothing is too hard in isolation, you are faced with
a large set of possibilities. Some of the harder individual challenges:
*) quaffing the drink me potion at the right time
*) recognising the disappearing ink
*) seeing the rotten egg as sulfur
*) giving your ring to the nightingale
*) defeating the genie with the mint leaves