The Legend of Kyrandia: The Hand of Fate

1993 Westwood Studios
Designed by Rick Gush
There's a short real time "combat" sequence for the finale. It's not a
clickfest: 3 or 4 clicks total, with a few seconds between them. There's
no deductive way through it, just tediously save/restore until you get
it right.

*) escaping the jail: 1) it's not visually clear what that grey blob is
   2) you don't have any reason to want a string, since you don't know that
   Marco has a hook
*) gnarly == windy? could be (in surfer slang?), but not in the dictionary
   and not in the more recent Californian mock-surfer-dude slang
*) polishing the statue: does it look like lead? does it say it's lead?
   and then you get the chest for no good reason
*) pressing gold teeth makes them into coins? maybe the man is nearsighted

*) activate the scarecrow before giving the letter to the farmer: you don't
   get the mustard recipe
*) ?don't rescue Marco
*) ?get jailed without the magnet

*) magnetising the horseshoe (this might be considered silly, too, but I
   think it makes cartoony sense)
*) using a lucky horseshoe to beat the octopus (hmmm, would a rabbit print
   work, too?)
*) using the magnet in the rope to change the ship's course
*) substituting ingredients to make the second batch of yeti costume potion
*) defeating the hand at the end

Minor quibble: inventory is too small in a few places.