1998 Amber
Designed by Timon Shi, Oleg Kozhakhov; Alex Cheprackov, Leon Larionov
*) freeing Miranda -- Why can't it be done in the daytime?
*) Temple of Fire altar -- There's very little clue given as to how to operate
   it. The interface tells you what to do (combining symbols) rather than
   making it a proper part of the story.
*) sailing boat -- There's no feedback as to why you can't sail. It's not a
   challenge difficulty, since you'll trip across the nav unit and it will then
   be obvious, but it breaks up the story.
*) grain from Ieve -- There's no indication of why Driade's gift should be
*) Sill and Rotmor -- You've never heard of Rotmor before this, so how do you
   know about his grave?
*) 5 keys -- Who told you there are 5 keys? It's mysterious knowledge dumped on
   you by the interface.

*) silver from the smith -- Converting the coins, a minor a-ha.
*) stealing teleport from Coganna -- Interesting bit of insight.