Louvre: The Final Curse

2000 Index+
Designed by Emmanuel Olivier, Edouard Lussan; Gérard Milhe Poutingon
*) 1377: legate and guard -- Gotta run away to somewhere you couldn't go
   before. And you can't just shoot them with your bow. The timing is generous
   if you know what to do.
*) 1377: guardroom -- Easy time limit, if you have the mask in your inventory.
*) 1610: ambassador's room, gas mask -- Easy time limit, and you should know
   it's coming.
*) 1610: blowing up the guards -- Easy time, and you should be ready.
*) 1770: forge gas -- Easy time, and you were warned.
*) 1770: escaping through fireplace -- Easy time. Unexpected, though, so you
   have to be lucky to have the right inventory.

Too many pixel hunts to list. Lots of mimesis problems, but they're mostly

*) ripping into the throne -- This breaks mimesis. There's a hotspot on the
   throne, so it's no problem for the player, but there's no reason your
   character should tear into the throne and yet leave every other chair,
   cabinet, etc., intact.
*) dropping the lights on the sleeping guard -- Why not just stab or shoot him,
   like the other guard?
*) using crossbow on locked chest -- It didn't work on any other lock. Why
   should it work here?
*) using torch on reliquary -- Not a predictable result.
*) manuscript decoder -- Not very believable, since it would only work on this
   one page. Made worse here since it doesn't even reveal anything to that the
   player didn't already know.
*) writing on chair back -- Why can't I use the torch? Or turn the chair?
*) guard in ambassador's room -- Sudden death if you step out. The guard is
   hidden. You can hear him, but any direction is likely to lead to detection,
   and you do have to move.
*) reviving Jacqueline -- Why the holy water? Slapping her should work as well.
*) books in window sill -- They weren't there before!
*) key in mural -- Why in that mural? Yeah, bull for bull, but that's not a
   reason for hiding it. And why hide it in such a way that retrieving it is
   so noticeable?
*) clock hour -- Why 1:55? That's not near 12:00.
*) acid hidden in statue -- Why was it hidden at all?
*) using acid on cabinet lock -- Why not bow? knife? kicking?
*) Leyden jar on door -- How does that open a door? If it has any effect, it
   would be to fuse it shut!
*) taking paintings -- Sudden death syndrome: there's nobody in the room.
*) melting copper ridgepole -- Wire and other copper don't work.
*) melting pewter -- The instructions say tin, but pewter has lead, too.
*) escaping sculptor in science academy -- You can't shoot or stab him. You're
   a commando, and you can't fight an unarmed man?
*) use crossbow on gate lock -- Why would you do that? It's solid metal! All
   you could hope to accomplish is to jam it up.

bug) 1770: alchemist in Masonic ruins -- You can take the goods before talking
     to him, and you then won't be able to talk with him and get the clues.
     Not a dead end, though, since you can still stumble on.