Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work

1991 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Al Lowe
*) winning Michelle with money: Short window of opportunity for a simple
   action. If you miss, game continues on with a sub-optimal, but still
   "winning", action. You don't actually know there's a time limit, or even
   that an action here might give a better outcome -- there're just more
   points at the end.
*) seducing Reverse Biaz: As with Michelle. Except, if you miss, the game just
   goes on. This can lead to a dead end -- the game gets confused, thinks
   you've cheated, and won't let you go back to do things right.
*) mud-wrestling Lana: Furious arcade action. It slows down as you fail; not
   sure how far it'll go. It doesn't look like you can lose, but you might get
   stuck here indefinitely.