Mission Critical

1995 Legend Entertainment
Designed by Mike Verdu
*) reactor maze -- a slight twist with the radiation, and it makes good sense
   in the setting, but it's still just a maze
*) reactor coolant system -- a switching puzzle, but again very well integrated
   into the setting
*) establish comm link -- really just a maze, tedious and boring
*) black tower maze -- makes good story sense, and there's a short cut (follow
   the robots)
*) jiffy puzzle -- okay puzzle, but a pathetic story excuse to be in the game;
   your character is smart enough to just be told that the timeline can be
   changed by communicating with the past

*) space combat -- You can set the difficulty (AI level) to whatever you like,
   right down to letting the computer doing it all for you. Within any
   difficulty, you can turn the speed of play down to a crawl, so there's no
   arcade aspect at all.

*) space combat -- hard if you want it to be, trivial if you don't
*) disassembling the cutting torch -- clever a ha! problem
*) using the seismic probe as a grapple -- another good outside-the-box test