Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

1991 LucasArts Entertainment
Designed by Ron Gilbert
*) spitting contest -- easy synchronised click, good use of RT
*) catching rat -- very easy synchronised click
*) LeChuck pursuit in endgame -- minor, but annoying
*) getting LeChuck's underwear -- easy synchronised click
*) getting LeChuck's beard -- easy synchronised click

Little that is blatantly silly, but many are near the line, one way or another.
*) getting LeChuck's snot -- he's just gonna stop pursuing you to blow his
   nose? and then politely return the hanky??
*) sawing off the peg leg -- it's funny, but it's silly to expect this to
   cause the carpenter to leave his shop
*) catching the rat and putting it in the stew -- okay in hindsight, but it's
   a bit silly to expect the player to see this as a plan
*) putting the banana on the metronome -- just waving it in front of the
   monkey should have the same effect
*) the monkey wrench -- intentionally silly for the gag
*) getting LeChuck's underwear

*) winning the spitting contest -- great puzzle
*) getting the near-grog -- good aha! puzzle
*) making Largo go to the laundry -- clever
*) getting LeChuck's beard

Starts off well, but gets silly and tedious at the end. The ending plot
twist ruins the story.