The Curse of Monkey Island

1997 LucasArts Entertainment
Designed by Larry Ahern, Jonathan Ackley

A little bit of very minor, fair real-time in the end sequence when LeChuck is
chasing you.

There is optional sailing ship combat. It's fairly easy with no quick reflexes
required. If you opt for the easy mode, you seem to automatically win just by
firing when you move in range.

*) getting gold tooth out of restaurant -- very contrived, and the balloon
   should work by itself
*) cooking oil to get map -- I don't understand this at all
*) pepper to get sneeze to light bomb -- too contrived, depending on his sneeze
   to be so conviently directed

*) dueling banjo -- a great, dastardly, piratey solution
*) using hangover cure to get out of Big Whoop -- an interesting way of looking
   at the problem
*) getting out of snake -- a non-direct approach
*) convincing Goodsoup you look like family -- a bit silly, but it works in a
   cartoony way