Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

1998 Her Interactive
Designed by Sheri Graner Ray; Anna Roth, Lisa Smith
*) magic slider box -- it opens by doing the slider, and some magic mechanism
*) There are a lot of slightly encrypted messages left around on bulletin boards
   and such. They give you hints. Whoever left them there knew all the details
   of the case, and who the killer is, so why is Nancy working on the case?
   They're not necessary, though, and can be ignored.

A few instances, with an easy auto-restore (called second chance). They're all
slow, involving just a few clicks over a long period. No reflex test, they're
just to add suspense.
*) propping up the kitchen gas line
*) boiler room blowup
*) apprehending the killer -- This one's a bit quicker, giving you only 5 or 10
   seconds to notice some environmental changes and make 2 clicks. That's still
   very fair for an adventure.

*) the utility knife cuts glass
*) dead end: On my second play through, Daryl never gave me the note, so there
   was never any sabotage in the maintenance room, so I couldn't get the
   video tape. Some detection trigger fails if it's not in the anticipated