Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

1999 Her Interactive
Designed by Laura Henion, Robert Riedl, Tim Burke
*) prop room riddles -- Too openly out of place, people just don't impose such
*) control room door lock -- Bizarre door lock syndrome, but this one isn't
   too bad.
*) studio emergency release lock -- Doubly bizarre. First as a door lock, but
   especially since it's expected to be used in an emergency!
*) Towers of Hanoi -- Unphysical magic lock.
*) electrical box -- Bizarre control system.
*) mysterious messages -- The Implementors left magic messages for Nancy all
   over the place, lightly coded. They can be ignored, but youngsters might
   enjoy the decoding.

On the good side:
*) torn note -- Okay, it's just a jigsaw puzzle, but it's believable.

*) defuse bomb -- minor, and with a good auto-restore
*) opening studio door -- This requires furious clicking. The auto-restore is
   good. It looks like the game detects multiple auto-restores and eases up
   (that, or I just got lucky, twice).

*) bomb defusing -- How do you know the correct order? I found a clue in
   Lillian's office, but it isn't available until after the defusing! It also
   isn't a reasonable clue, having no connection with the bomb or (as we later
   find out) the person who set the bomb. Fortunately, there are only 9
   possible orders, and a good auto-restore.
*) setting the clock hour -- Is there a clue for this? Only 12 possibilities.
*) studio door release -- Is there any pattern? It seems like a random

*) riddles -- if you haven't heard them before
*) control room door lock