Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower

2001 Her Interactive
Designed by Erin Brown, Robert Riedl
*) basement door puzzle (multiple bolts) -- This is not a door lock mechanism
   that anybody would ever use if they intended to keep people out. It works
   by magic. Worse, you must re-solve it every time you want to pass through
   the door.
*) board-game-like stairs puzzle -- Not physical.
*) gold leaf jigsaw puzzle -- Not physical.
*) Hotchkiss' pop-quiz -- Dishonest people can't do research? This behaviour
   is a bit too silly for the character as established.

All are light constraints. If you fail, a "second chance" command quickly puts
you back to just before where the timed sequence begins. They are sensible.
*) getting out of the library before Dexter enters to turn of the alarm
*) freezing outside -- A bit silly, since Nancy should have a good jacket --
   she came to ski!
*) capturing Lisa

*) board-game-like stairs puzzle -- Nice brain teaser.