Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

2001 Her Interactive
Designed by Erin Brown
*) rabbit slider dock-lock -- Non-physical, and a silly way to lock a door.
   At least it's a good puzzle.
*) electrified gate lock -- Another puzzle_as_a_lock.
*) puzzle box in safe -- Again, a non-physical puzzle. Also, why would the
   stuff be kept in such a box inside a strong safe? Anybody breaking in
   would be willing to just smash the box.
*) key making machine -- A weird thing to have as a novelty arcade. But it's
   just too much that the keys made would fit any actual, unrelated lock.
*) safe lock -- The implementation of that kind of lock doesn't fit the
   mechanical level of technology of the old safe. Also, the general problem
   of having a solvable puzzle as a combination.
*) dance puzzle -- Nit: The idea of a game machine there is okay, but the
   implementation doesn't match the technology of the locale.

There's an automatic restore if you die.
*) finale versus Joseph -- Very minor. Just one action.
*) police -- Not sure if this is timed, but very minor if it is.

*) safe lock: It takes a bit of investigation to figure out what the
   combination is likely to be.