Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand

2002 Her Interactive
Designed by Erin Brown
*) museum exhibit -- The quizzes, some puzzles, and all the games are made part
   of the temple exhibit. As a regular visitor, you have to pass these to move
   into further parts of the exhibit. This is unrealistic already, even more
   so since Nancy, as an employee, has to jump through the hoops, too.
   The actual challenges, however, are the sort of thing you might expect to
   find in such a place.
*) vase and cube assembly -- Simple assembly puzzles, but this is one scenario
   where they really are relevant.

There's a good auto-restore.
*) carrying calandar wheels -- I think it's timed, but I didn't test. A bit
   silly if it is, since Nancy could stop to rest, or just roll them on the
*) escape the tomb -- Easy enough once you know what to do, but tough to get
   it right the first time.

*) long distance phone calls -- Have to be made from the hotel? They don't seem
   to work from the museum.
*) blank book in tomb -- Why would Pacal have put that there?

*) eyes box -- Good clue with the "cross-eyed".

*) the crowd when you escape the tomb -- Why were they there? The ending is