Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

2002 Her Interactive
Designed by Anne Collins-Ludwick
*) WALDO headstone -- It's a good excuse for a puzzle.
*) smiling fish card -- Make-work.

The following are puzzly, but are close to the kind of devices that might
actually be used to open hidden passages:
*) dogs and clock
*) bar spigots
*) map grid

A good autorestore makes the fatal ones painless.
*) catching bugs -- They scoot away, but you can always leave and return to find
   them anew.
*) shed fire -- Timed sequence, difficult to get it the first time, but easy
   once you figure it out.

*) rotten floor boards -- A bit of a dirty trick, hiding behind the limitations
   of the graphics engine, but fun and painless since there's an autorestore.

*) dog and clock -- A good combination of machine puzzle with the poem clue.
*) bar spigots -- Simple if you see all the clues, but those clues could be
   hard to notice. A great challenge for a Nancy game.

*) map grid lock -- An excellent kind of lock for a secret passage. It's too
   big to guess, relies on specific knowledge (effectively, a combination),
   doesn't look like a lock, but just part of the scenery, because of the
   other maps, and yet is quick and easy to open if you know the secret.
   I.e., this is the kind of secret door lock I can believe somebody might
   actually build: it's not obnoxiously tedious for the users, yet not obvious
   and simple for non-users.
*) screwdriver -- It gets used for 3 or 4 different tasks.