The Neverhood

1996 The Neverhood
Designed by Brian Belfield, Eric Ciccone, Mike Dietz, Kenton Leach, Mark Lorenzen, Tim Lorenzen, Edward Schofield, Douglas TenNapel
The whole world is an artificial puzzlehood. The puzzles aren't natural parts
of the world, but the world itself has no nature.

*) when you press on buttons to open doors, you often only have a few seconds
   to go through before the door closes again -- you can just press the button
*) the CRT clues are flashed for only a few seconds -- but you can cycle
   through them as many times as you need
*) setting the CRT symbol lock gives you only a few seconds to select each
   symbol as it is presented -- you can wait for the next cycle, but it's
   very tedious

Some puzzles were needlessly tedious because you had to restart from the
beginning when you made a mis-step:
*) pairs-matching board
*) CRT symbol matching lock

*) finale rings room -- nice out-of-box challenge
*) radio room activation -- have to associate the cliff radio with this
   building, and notice that a ring in your house activates the radio
*) CRT symbol matching lock -- made a bit tricky by the "broken" symbol
*) mouse-hole -- you can brute force it, but there's an easy, clever solution