Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy

1998 Trecision / Team 17
Designed by Edoardo Gervino, Simone Scelsa
*) sphinx access -- irrelevant Rubik lock, no real place would use such a
   thing, and wouldn't give you clues for access, either
*) terrorist security system disable code sheet -- too complicated memo-to-
   self, simply writing the digits on the back of the picture would suffice
*) final code key -- again, not the sort of memo you leave to yourself: too

*) slot machine fix -- Why not just hold the wheel? Or jam something in? It's
   just too contrived.
*) final code key -- left on a blackboard, in the room protected by the code?
   If he forgot the code, he couldn't get in the room to read the reminder!
*) Ruby's apartment lock -- A common key system using a handwriting signature?
   Not in the real world. There's just too many copies of your signature
   floating around.
*) fogging the VR non-mirror -- Why is the skull needed? It would be more
   natural to just step on the switch and hold the torch by hand.

*) final code key -- good math problem
*) getting syringe to Eva -- nicely busy
*) silver bullet -- seeing the gong as a crucible is a small a-ha
*) hangar roof door -- mini-com as a spark source, small a-ha